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Citadel Mortgages1.69%
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Dominion Lending1.84%
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If applicable, what was the rate discount you received when you signed your current mortgage agreement?

The day you signed your mortgage, your lender may have provided you with a discount. You may be paying 3.25% but the posted rate on that day was 3.75%, a discount of 0.5%. If you are unaware of any discount, you can skip this step.

Who is your current mortgage lender?

What is TD Bank's current interest rate for a 5-year fixed rate mortgage?

We have populated this field for you with our most up to date data. For information on why we need this field visit our Mortgage Penalty Calculator
For your remaining 60 month term you will pay... the current 2.99% rate
Total Cost:$90,000.00
Your Monthly Payment:
$1,500 the new 2.5% rate
Total Cost:$-NaN
Your Bi-weekly Payment:
Your estimated mortgage break penalty is...
You will lose around...
Interest at 2.99%
Interest at 2.5%
Mortgage Penalty
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