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Hanif Bayat

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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Dr. Hanif Bayat is the CEO and Founder of WOWA Leads. He received his PhD in Computational Chemical Physics from the University of Toronto in 2011. He then spent the next six years working as a Quantitative Analyst at BMO and RBC Royal Bank, where he worked on analyzing and modeling complex financial products. He has also been successful in online marketing strategy as a founder of a media platform that had more than one million visitors annually for many years.

After quitting his manager level job in the bank, Hanif started WOWA.ca in February 2018 based on a mission to make real estate more transparent and modern. He realized that there is untapped potential in the real estate market for finding reliable information and tools that needed to make the right real estate decisions. The real estate market has been distorted by a lack of transparency and relied heavily on outdated solutions. Customers had few choices and little to no bargaining power. Hanif recognized that there could be incredible value in a platform that empowered consumers with education and access to competitive options.

"We believe everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, should have access to the information they need to make the right real estate decisions and find trusted and experienced local real estate agents. WOWA.ca empowers real estate buyers, sellers and renters of all backgrounds with the choices, tools, and the insight they need for a successful real estate journey." - Hanif Bayat

WOWA.ca began with a small team of talented and enthusiastic professionals dedicated to the mission of the company. After launching in February 2019 with only 10 real estate agents and fewer than 20 daily users, WOWA.ca now has over 400 agents from coast to coast and more than 11,000 daily organic users. WOWA.ca’s portfolio of more than 500 calculators and tools has been called the largest in Canada. Under Hanif’s leadership, WOWA Leads aims to reach 100 thousand visitors per day in Canada and the US by 2023.