Mortgage Affordability Calculator 2020

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We compare estimates for the Big Five Canadian Banks, CMHC, and our advanced model.

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Annual Household Income

Your Income

$ 70,000

Your Partner’s Income

$ 70,000

Enter your annual income before taxes.
Gross Income: $00
Estimated Net Income: $00

How much do you have saved for your down payment?

$ 60,000

First-time home-buyer? You can withdraw up to $35,000 from your RRSP, with no fees or interest, to help increase your down payment.

Where are you looking to buy?





What type of home are you looking for?

Condo Apt.
Detached House
Not Decided

Monthly Debt Paymentshelp

Some examples include: Credit Card, Student Loan, Car Payment, etc.

$ 0

Enter your average monthly payment. If you have multiple sources of debt, enter the total for your household.

Monthly Non-Housing Expenses

Food & Groceries

$ 1,000

Car & Transport

$ 500

Bills (e.g. Phone, TV)

$ 300

Childcare & Education

$ 0

Other Expenses

$ 0

Enter your average monthly expenses in each of the above categories, excluding any housing-related expenses. Exclude your heating costs from your utility bill total.

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