Self-Employed Mortgage Calculator 2020

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Self-Employed? We cover different credits and income using different loan providers.
Whether you are a entrepreneur, paid by commission, paid a salary and commission, or contract employment, Pololoans has a customized home financing solution for you. Over the years, our team of experts has helped over 30,000 clients with their home financing. We understand that you may not be able to provide traditional income verification. You may also have less than perfect credit. We’ll provide you with a recommendation that will meet your immediate and future needs. Contact us, it is a simple click away.
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Mortgage Terms

Purchase Pricehelp

The purchase price of your home.

$ 500,000

Down Paymenthelp

The amount paid upfront. In Canada, the minimum down payment is 5%. Mortgage default insurance (commonly referred to as CMHC insurance) is required for down payments under 20%.

25% = $125,000

Amortization Period

25 Years

Unsure about your purchase price? Find out how much you can afford.

What is your approximate credit score?

Credit Score


Required to accurately assess your loan eligibility. We will not store your credit score or transmit it to any third party.

Annual Household Income

Your Income

$ 70,000

Your Partner’s Income

$ 70,000

Enter your annual income before taxes.
Gross Income: $00
Estimated Net Income: $00

Where are you looking to buy?





What type of home are you looking for?

Condo Apt.
Detached House
Not Decided

Monthly Debt Paymentshelp

Some examples include: Credit Card, Student Loan, Car Payment, etc.

$ 0

Enter your average monthly payment. If you have multiple sources of debt, enter the total for your household.

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* Rates shown are on approved credit and subject to change without notice.