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There is a famous saying in real estate that the three most important things when buying a property are “Location, location and location”. Although location is only one of the many factors involved in buying a property, the saying rings true because you can change almost anything about a property, but you can’t change its location.

With, you can keep up with recent transactions in your neighbourhood and find the top agents that have helped your neighbours buy or sell their homes. With a simple click, you can also view comprehensive agent profiles that go through their real estate experience, recent deals, personality, and commission rate.

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How to Use to Find a Top Real Estate Agent Near You

1. If you are a seller, find your current neighbourhood. If you are a buyer, find a neighbourhood where you want to buy a property. You can customize your location in the search field on the map.

2. Check recent transactions in your area to get an idea about the active real estate agents in your neighbourhood. You can click on a transaction to get more information about the property type and the agent who powered the transaction.

3. Click or tap “Check Profile” to see the agent’s comprehensive and detailed profile.

4. Go through the agent’s profile to see if they match up with your criteria. Remember to look for the three most important factors: 1. Their local real estate experience, 2. Their personality and reviews by previous clients, and 3. Their commission rates.

5. Click or tap the “Message” button to get in contact with the agent for a free, no-obligation consultation.

We recommend contacting at least three of the top real estate agents in your neighbourhood to get the best selection possible. To help you in your search process, we have prepared a list of the top agents in your area below.

Congratulations! You are on your journey to finding the right real estate agent and real estate success.

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent can be a daunting task for many home buyers and sellers, especially for first-time home buyers. Here are some ways for you to find a real estate agent in your local area.

1. Referrals

The first step that many home buyers and sellers take to find a real estate agent is to ask family and friends if they know any real estate agents that they can recommend. Asking for referrals from your personal network is a great way to get in touch with real estate agents that have proven themselves to be qualified and have shown that they were competent when dealing with your friends’ or family member’s real estate transaction.

A study from the National Association of Realtors in the United States found that 41% of home sellers used a real estate agent that was referred to them, while 26% of home sellers used a real estate agent that they worked with in the past. Referrals can help you quickly pinpoint some potential candidates for your real estate transaction that have left a positive impression with someone that you know, and your personal connection may have more experience or advice after having a real estate transaction under their belt that they can share with you.

Even though trusted friends and family members will have good intentions when referring a real estate agent to you, there can still be some bias in their referrals. A friend might have a friend that is a real estate agent that they will refer to you, even if they haven’t used them for a transaction before. Having a friend of a family member that is a real estate agent can also put some pressure on you to use their services, even if they’re not the ideal agent for you.

While real estate agent referrals can point you in the direction of a few agents, you won’t be able to have exposure to a more comprehensive field of real estate agents if you only rely on referrals. A family member might have had a great experience with a real estate agent, but that agent might not specialize in a home that you’re trying to sell, or they might not be as familiar with a certain location. A top real estate agent for a friend or family member might not be so suitable for you. Having limited options and potentially biased referrals can lead you to a less than ideal agent. That’s why it’s important to also use other methods of finding local real estate agents, as you can then tailor the search to find an agent that is customized for your situation, and not someone else’s.

2. Advertisements

At some point during your search for a real estate agent, you may be tempted to just use an agent that you are familiar with. High-profile real estate agents that you see often on real estate advertisements, such as in the newspaper, on TV, the radio, or on a bus stop, can be intriguing based on their local presence. However, having a local presence isn’t entirely based on their amount of advertisements in your local area. You may want to check to see if they actually have recent transactions in your neighbourhood, rather than just seeing ads in your local area.

For some high-profile real estate agents and brokerages, the agent that you see in the ads might not be the agent that you will be dealing with. Instead, you might be delegated another agent, particularly if they are busy with other clients.

Choosing a real estate agent based on their ads can also make you susceptible to the quality of their ads, rather than their actual experience and expertise. Agents might also make claims on their ads that might not be true to your situation, setting you up for disappointment if you base your decision only on their claims and your real estate transaction doesn’t live up to the agent’s claims. For example, a real estate agent might say that they are the #1 sales representative for semi-detached units sold in Toronto in 2021. If you’re looking to sell a townhouse in Ottawa, this claim might not be relevant to you.

Many provincial real estate regulators have rules around what real estate agents can not say in their advertisements. This includes making false, misleading, or deceptive statements. For example, the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), the regulator of real estate professionals in Ontario, has restrictions on comparative claims, statements about business volume, promises about savings or commission, and statements about awards. For example, if a claim is made about business volume, then a disclosure is needed that can show how the claim is true in a certain time period.

3. Online Sources

From online reviews to transaction histories to active listings posted on your local MLS, it’s easy for home sellers and buyers to find a real estate agent online. With a treasure trove of information online, you’re also able to do research, filter, and compare agents.

One way to find a real estate agent online is to search through active real estate listings. These homes for sale will have a listing agent, also known as a seller’s agent. If you like what you see, you can decide to have them as your real estate agent for your own real estate transaction.

Another way is to search for real estate agents online through a search engine. Some websites can also show you customer reviews that you can use to see the overall feedback on this agent and on your agent’s real estate brokerage firm.

Searching for real estate agents online can be overwhelming, which is why makes it easy to search for local real estate agents by providing all the information that you need in one place. You can see an agent's past real estate transactions to see what neighbourhoods they are active in, check their real estate commissions, read customer reviews, and contact them, while also comparing with other agents.

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