PEI Land Transfer Tax 2020

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Prince Edward Island Land Transfer Tax

The Land Transfer Tax for Prince Edward Island, also named by the PEI government as the Real Property Transfer Tax, applies to all real property purchased, including land, land covered by water, land with buildings situated on it, bulk storage tank, and structures other than buildings such as equipment, installment, and tower. The buyer of real property must file an Affidavit of Purchaser with the Registrar of Deeds and under the Real Property Transfer Tax Act must pay a tax at the time of registration. The Affidavit of Purchaser inquires the name and address of the purchaser along with other information, and the tax is charged as 1% of the higher of the purchase price or assessed value of the property.

PEI Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Total Tax$0.00

Exemptions from the Real Property Transfer Tax

There are many cases that will allow the purchaser to be exempt from the tax. These cases include:

  • If the property is valued at less than $30,000
  • If you are a first-time home buyer and Canadian Citizen/Permanent Resident and the property is valued at less than $200,000
  • The property is being transferred between family members
  • If the property is being transferred as a result of marriage breakdown
  • If the property being transferred is from one corporation to another and both have the same owner

Other cases may also apply such as for Crown and non-profit corporations, and details can be found by contacting the Taxation and Property Records.

Comparison of PEI Transfer Taxes with Other Provinces

Land transfer tax comparison of all Canadian provinces for a $500K property in 2020
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* For mortgages of at least $500,000 with down payment under 20%.
WOWA assumes no liability for the accuracy of information presented.
† For mortgages of at least $500,000 over a 25-year amortization period.

Prince Edward Island Land Transfer Tax Rate

Property Value Marginal Tax Rate
Above $30,000 1.0%

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