Newfoundland Land Transfer Tax 2021

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What is land transfer tax?

The Land Transfer Tax for Newfoundland, also called introduced by the government of Newfoundland as the Registration of Deeds Prescribed Fees , is amongst the lowest in Canada as the housing prices are relatively low. The total fee consists of two parts: one based on the value of the property and one based on the mortgage amount. In short, both fees are charged at a base fee of $100 to cover for a sale price of $500 and an additional $0.40 for each $100 after that. The maximum fee payable is $5,000. The property will not be registered until the fee is paid in full.

Although there is no rebate for first-time home buyers, you may be exempt from the tax if the property is being registered on behalf of the Crown or on behalf of a non-profit airport authority.

Newfoundland Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Total Tax$200.00
Mortgage Registration Fee$100.00
Property Registration Fee$100.00

Comparison of Newfoundland Land Transfer Taxes with Other Provinces

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Home Price

Newfoundland Land Transfer Tax Rates

Tax on Property Value

Property Value Marginal Tax Rate
Less than $500 Flat fee of $100
Above $500 $100 plus an additional $0.40 for every $100 of part of $100 after

Tax on Mortgage Value

Mortgage Value Marginal Mortgage Fee Rate
Less than $500 Flat fee of $100
Above $500 $100 plus an additional $0.40 for every $100 of part of $100 after

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