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Lead generation is often the most time- or resource-intensive part of being a real estate agent. While you can always get clients from your personal network, there are only so many friends, relatives, or family members that will buy or sell a home in a given year. To connect with a larger pool of potential clients, real estate agents will need to generate leads by marketing themselves or finding buyers and sellers. However, not all lead generation strategies are made equal, and agents can easily waste hundreds of hours and thousands to tens of thousands of dollars on ineffective strategies and products.

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Comparison of Online Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

WOWA.caManaged Online AdsOther Lead Gen Platforms
Costs20% Referral Fee
No Upfront Costs
No Monthly Costs
Advertising Costs
Monthly Subscription
Pay Per Lead
DifficultyLowMedium Low
~20 min setup
<30 mins
Conversion Rate
Very high
10 - 20%
LowVery low - Straightforward and Effective Online Lead Generation

WOWA is an innovative platform that helps connect motivated home buyers and sellers with top real estate agents in their area. Established in 2018, it has since grown to become one of Canada’s leading real estate and finance websites with over 2 million visitors annually. Over 300 agents from across Canada are already active on the platform and more are joining every day.

Registration is free for real estate agents and only takes up to 30 minutes. Agents can create a comprehensive profile with a personal introduction, their real estate experience, and, optionally, their commission rate. One of the features of the platform is the ability to show previous transactions, and the WOWA team is available to assist agents in adding their transactions.

A map of transactions on a Agent Profile

Our revenue model is simple: our brokerage charges a competitive 20% referral fee (of gross commission) for transactions conducted with our leads. This makes sure that we have a stake in the success of our agents and only make money when they do. We do not have any subscription fees or minimum payments to keep your profile active on WOWA - you only pay when you earn money.

WOWA has some of the highest conversion rates in the online lead-gen industry with 10 - 20% of our leads resulting in successful transactions. This is because our customers come to our platform to specifically find real estate agent services and are serious about buying or selling a home. As a result, our agents can spend more of their time working with clients and closing deals and less of their time filtering through cold or unreliable leads.

The platform is currently available in all 10 provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

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How to Get Real Estate Leads Without Cold-Calling

The best way to get real estate leads without cold-calling is through advertising. This way, your leads are the ones initiating the contact and will be interested in your services. However, advertising can be expensive: according to Statistics Canada, over CAD $889 million was spent by real estate agents and brokers on marketing and advertising in 2018. It can also take a lot of time and skill to set up effective advertising campaigns. While it can be very effective for those who succeed, many agents end up spending thousands of dollars on advertising with no concrete results.

Advertising Services

You can use a third-party platform or service to help you manage your advertising, but these can come with extra costs with very little quality control. These services normally charge based on your ad spending, which means that they are incentivized to make you spend more, not more effectively. They also have minimum ad spend requirements and can charge additional monthly fees.

Lead Subscription Lists

These are services like,, and that offer to sell you leads directly. Prices can range from below 10 cents a lead to over $50 each. These services usually do not disclose the sources of their leads, which can often be low-quality. As a result, agents can end up paying for leads that they still have to cold-call and validate. - The Agent Marketplace is a combination advertising and lead-gen platform that helps agents quickly get seen by millions of Canadians. They have no setup fee or minimum commitments and charge a 20% referral fee only when their leads end up in a successful transaction. Because customers on are contacting agents directly through the platform, their warm leads are highly motivated and specific to each agent. As a result, has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry of 10 to 20%. This allows agents to avoid cold-calling and spend more of their time working with their clients and building relationships.

Mortgage Leads also offers competitive advertising and partnerships for lenders and mortgage brokers. With over 300 tools and calculators spanning various segments of the mortgage market, we have thousands of visitors everyday that can turn into valuable clients. Find out more at WOWA - Get Mortgage Leads in Any Canadian Province

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