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Construction Loans Calculator

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You can borrow money to build a new home through a construction loan. Construction loans will only require interest payments while your home is being built, and it can be converted to a regular mortgage with principal repayment once construction is complete. Use the construction loan calculator below to find out how much a construction loan would cost.

Construction Loan Amount
Down Payment Required
Payment Information
Initial Interest-Only Payment is$54.17

Final Interest-Only Payment is$304.17
DrawMilestonePercent CompleteTime
#1Purchasing Land0%0 Months
#2Windows and Doors Installed35%4.2 Months
#3Plumbing,Wiring, and Drywall65%7.8 Months
#4Interior Finished100%12 Months

Why is the initial interest-only payment and the final interest-only payment different?

Home construction loans allow you to borrow in set lump-sums that are based on the progress of your home’s construction, rather than borrowing the entire cost of construction upfront. The initial loan payments are for the money that you initially borrow to purchase the land. Over time, as construction progresses, you will be able to borrow more and more money to cover construction costs. This will increase the amount that you owe, in turn increasing the interest payments on the amount borrowed. Construction loans usually require only interest payments, with no principal repayments required until the end of your term.

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Construction Loan Down Payment

The upfront down payment that is required for a construction loan is for the cost of purchasing the land that you will be building on. Most lenders will allow you to borrow between 65% and 75% of the cost of purchasing the land. That means that you will need to come up with another 25% to 35% to cover the land costs. Our construction loan down payment calculator assumes that a 35% down payment is required.

Why doesn’t the construction loan cover all construction costs?

Most construction loan lenders will only allow you to borrow up to 75% of the total cost of construction. You will need to cover the remaining 25% of construction costs on your own, similar to a down payment. To find out more about construction loans, visit our construction loans page.

Estimating Your Total Cost of Construction

You can estimate your construction costs in the calculator using the size of the home that you are planning on building and the average construction cost per square foot for your area. You can find some average values for various Canadian cities below, or enter your own estimated total costs. Visit our How Much Does It Cost To Build A House page to find out more information on costs for construction, land, etc.

Average Home Building Costs in Canada (Per Square Foot)

Home TypeProduction Single-Family Home (Stock Home Plans)
Vancouver$145 - $260
Calgary$125 - $185
Edmonton$130 - $185
Winnipeg$125 - $190
Toronto/GTA$115 - $215
Ottawa/Gatineau$120 - $195
Montreal$105 - $180
Halifax$90 - $150
St. John’s$110 - $145

Newly-Built Home Costs in Canada

CityAverage Home SizeCost of Single-Family Home
Toronto2,380$273,700 - $511,700
Vancouver1,900$275,500 - $494,000
Halifax1,530$137,700 - $229,500
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Get a construction loan up to $35,000
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How is total interest calculated for a construction loan?

Since the money that you borrow is spread out over your term, the total interest of a construction loan is based on when certain milestones are reached.

For example, your construction loan lender might allow you to borrow 35% of the total cost of construction once your home is 35% built, which is around when your foundation and roof is complete, with windows and doors installed. This first draw could take anywhere between three and six months. The earlier you reach the scheduled draws, the earlier you can borrow money. Borrowing money early will mean that you will be paying interest early, which will increase the total interest of your construction loan.

The construction loan calculator above assumes that you reach construction milestones proportionate to your construction loan term length. For example, if you entered a term length of one year, then your first draw would be at 35% of your term length, which is 4.2 months (35% of 12 months). This first draw would allow you to borrow 35% of the total cost of construction. The interest on this amount will accumulate for the rest of your term length, which would be 7.8 months of interest (12 months - 4.2 months).

What happens at the end of a construction loan’s term?

Once the term is over, a construction loan can be transferred into a mortgage or repaid back in full. Some mortgage lenders offer construction mortgages, which may allow you to lock-in a mortgage rate for your future mortgage while your home is being built.

The calculators and content on this page are provided for general information purposes only. WOWA does not guarantee the accuracy of information shown and is not responsible for any consequences of the use of the calculator.