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Yukon Income Tax Calculator 2023 & 2024.

This Page Was Last Updated: April 29, 2024
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Estimate your 2022 & 2023 total income taxeswith only a few details about your income
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These calculations include the following tax credits: basic personal amount, Canada employment amount, CPP/QPP, CPP2/QPP2, QPIP, EI premiums, and dividend tax credits. You may be eligible for other tax credits based on your province and income.

Canada Federal and Yukon Tax Brackets 2024
Your taxable income places you in the following tax brackets.
Federal tax bracketFederal tax rates
$55,867 or less 15%
$55,868 to $111,73320.5%
$111,734 to $173,20526%
$173,206 to $246,75229%
More than $246,753 33%
Yukon tax bracketYukon tax rates
Up to $55,867 6.4%
$55,868 to $111,7339%
$111,734 to $173,20510.9%
$173,206 to $500,00012.8%
More than $500,001 15%
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Yukon Income Tax Brackets

Yukon adjusts its territorial income thresholds, basic personal amount, and tax reduction amounts based on changes in the consumer price index (CPI). This is called the indexation factor. The indexation factor for 2024 is 4.7%. Yukon income tax rates for the brackets will stay the same in 2024.

Yukon Territorial Income Tax Bracket Changes 2024

Less than $53,359Less than $55,8676.4%
Over $53,359 to $106,717Over $55,867 to $111,7339.0%
Over $106,717 to $165,430Over $111,733 to $173,20510.9%
Over $165,430 to $500,000Over $173,205 to $500,00012.8%
More than $500,000More than $500,00015%

The minimum Yukon Basic Personal Amount in 2023 was $13,521, and the maximum was $15,000. For 2024, the minimum basic personal amount is increasing to $14,156, and the maximum is increasing to $15,705. Similar to the federal basic personal income, you can claim the maximum basic personal income of $15,705 if your income is up to $173,205. The amount is gradually clawed back to $14,156 up to an income of $246,752. If you make less than $15,705, then you are exempt from Yukon’s territorial income tax. You may still need to pay EI premiums and make CPP contributions.

Yukon Income Tax Credits

As a resident of Yukon, you may be eligible for several income tax credits, such as:

  • Yukon child benefit
  • First Nation income tax credit
  • Business investment tax credit
  • Political contributions tax credit

You can read more about the income tax credits in Yukon on the Yukon government website’s income tax page.