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Property Tax in Ontario

Property tax is a tax based on the assessed value of a property. If you own a property, you will have to pay property tax. It is used to pay for city services such as police, the fire department, and public transit as well as elementary and secondary education.

MCAP Assessed Value of the Property
2020 Property Tax Value
2020 Residential Property Tax Rate
0.599704 %

2020   Tax Rates for Cities Near Toronto

City Final Tax rate
VaughanNot Available
MississaugaNot Available
MarkhamNot Available

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Property Taxes in Ontario

There are two main parts to property taxes in Ontario:

  1. A city tax that depends on the municipality of the property
  2. An education tax that is the same throughout Ontario.

Some cities may add additional taxes. For example, the City of Toronto has a City Building Fund Levy that is used for public transit and housing projects in Toronto.

2020 Education Tax Rate for Residential Properties in Ontario: 0.15300 %

Property tax rates also depend on the type of property. Common major categories are Residential, Multi-Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Farmland. There can be further categories that are defined by the municipality. Almost all homes will apply under Residential property tax rates.

Property Taxes in Ontario for a $500K MCAP Assessed Value Home*

Property Taxes in Ontario for a $500K MCAP Assessed Value Home

How Property Tax Rates are Determined in Ontario

Municipal property tax rates are determined based on the budget needs of the municipality. Municipalities consider their expected spending and other revenue and use property taxes to make up for the rest. The specific property tax rate for a certain year depends on the budget of the municipality and its total assessment base (their tax base). If more tax revenue is necessary, tax rates will need to go up, and vice-versa.

The Education Property Tax rate is set by the province. Ontario sets an education property tax rate for each type of property every year. All residential properties are subject to the same tax.

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Assessed Value of a Property

Property value assessments in Ontario are conducted every four years by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). They conduct assessments for all types of property in Ontario ranging from residential properties to farms to commercial properties. For residential properties, they use a number of factors, including market price, to determine the assessed value of a property. While they release overviews of their valuation guidelines, there is no transparency in the assessment of a specific property.

Homeowners may find that the assessed value of their property differs significantly from its market price. There is also no way to retrieve and compare the assessed value of other properties.

Property Assessments in Ontario

Properties in Ontario are assessed every four years by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Most properties are assessed using a market value-based approach. There are three ways that MPAC uses to determine a property’s market value:

  1. Direct Comparison Approach

    Residential properties are valued under this approach. This compares the sales of similar properties in the assessment year to determine a valuation for the property. The assessed value may not equal the actual market value or sale value of a property.

  2. Cost Approach

    Unique and rarely traded properties are valued under this approach. This uses the cost of the property if someone were to rebuild it to determine a valuation for the property minus depreciation due to age or other factors. This includes the price of the land and the price of all improvements (e.g. buildings) on top of it. While this takes into account the market value of the land, it does not consider the market value of the property as a whole.

  3. Income Approach

    For properties that are dedicated to generating income like rental properties or offices, an income-based approach is used. This approach uses the income generated by the property as well as the sales price to determine its assessed value.

Property Taxes in Ontario for a $500K Fair Market Value Detached Home*

Property Taxes in Ontario for a $500K Fair Market Value Detached Home

Ontario Property Value Phase-In Program

In Ontario, property assessments are conducted every four years by MPAC. Many properties may see significant changes to their assessed value from one valuation to another. To help property owners, MPAC has a Phase-In program for cases where the property valuation has increased. The difference between the two valuations is spread out between the years.

In this case, your valuation has increased by $100K. Rather than increase your valuation immediately, the Phase-In program will increase your assessed value by $25K ($100K / 4 years) every year.

2013 Valuation: $525K
2014 Valuation: $550K
2015 Valuation: $575K
2016 Valuation: $600K

If your property’s assessed value has decreased, the new value takes effect immediately.

Municipal Revenues from Property Taxes

Property taxes are the largest source of revenue for most municipalities. In the 2019 fiscal year, property taxes made up 37% of the City of Toronto’s operating budget.

Ontario Cities by Population
City NamePopulationArea2019 Final Tax Rate2019 Effective Rate By WOWAProperty Tax Page
Toronto2,731,571630.20 km 2 0.614770%0.395500%
Ottawa934,2432,790.30 km 2 1.076669%0.777700%
Mississauga721,599292.43 km 2 0.801443%0.493900%
Brampton593,638266.71 km 2 0.990771%0.587200%
Hamilton536,9171,138.11 km 2 1.222000%0.682400%
Kitchener470,015136.89 km 2 1.110840%0.681500%
London383,822420.57 km 2 1.340225%0.724400%
Markham328,966212.35 km 2 0.659822%0.465800%
Vaughan306,233273.56 km 2 0.696147%0.466500%
Windsor217,188146.32 km 2 1.789394%0.771700%
Peterborough202,259343.38 km 2 1.410742%0.746900%
Richmond Hill195,022101.11 km 2 0.688357%0.469100%
Oakville193,832138.89 km 2 0.734441%0.459500%
Burlington183,314185.66 km 2 0.783768%0.487100%
Oshawa166,000145.68 km 2 1.344725%0.750600%
Greater Sudbury161,5313,228.35 km 2 1.461888%0.856200%
Barrie141,43499.04 km 2 1.232466%0.758100%
St. Catharines133,11396.13 km 2 1.345540%Not Available
Guelph131,79487.22 km 2 1.140523%0.717400%
Cambridge129,920112.86 km 2 1.184230%0.729000%
Whitby128,377146.53 km 2 1.139696%0.703800%
Kingston123,798451.19 km 2 1.342238%0.743900%
Ajax119,67767.07 km 2 1.107287%0.671300%
Milton110,128363.22 km 2 0.685776%0.425600%
Thunder Bay107,909447.5 km 2 1.598484%Not Available
Waterloo104,98664.02 km 2 1.087501%0.750000%
Brantford97,49672.44 km 2 1.329711%0.762800%
Clarington92,013611.3 km 2 1.173410%0.682200%
Pickering91,771231.59 km 2 1.103511%0.678300%
Niagara Falls88,071209.73 km 2 1.214275%0.747600%
Newmarket84,22438.45 km 2 0.820466%0.549800%
Kawartha Lakes75,4233,084.38 km 2 Not Available0.654800%
Sault Ste. Marie73,368223.24 km 2 1.529349%Not Available
Sarnia71,594164.85 km 2 1.518187%0.729700%
Caledon66,502688.15 km 2 0.817007%0.507500%
Norfolk County64,0441,607.55 km 2 1.199260%Not Available
Halton Hills61,161276.26 km 2 0.803785%0.513700%
Aurora55,44549.85 km 2 0.786101%0.524800%
Welland52,29381.04 km 2 Not Available0.769600%
North Bay51,553319.11 km 2 1.501246%Not Available
Belleville50,716247.21 km 2 1.646294%0.825100%
Cornwall46,58961.56 km 2 1.623233%Not Available
Whitchurch-Stouffville45,837206.22 km 2 0.753361%0.503300%
Haldimand County45,6081,252 km 2 1.214450%Not Available
Georgina45,418287.75 km 2 1.029870%0.621800%
Quinte West43,577494.15 km 2 1.375496%0.709300%
Timmins41,7882,978.83 km 2 1.867102%Not Available
Woodstock40,90248,575.99 km 2 1.480725%0.786400%
St. Thomas38,90935.52 km 2 1.542545%Not Available
Brant36,707843.25 km 2 0.998190%0.618000%
Stratford31,46526.95 km 2 1.363594%0.642200%
Orillia31,16628.58 km 2 Not Available0.706700%
Prince Edward County24,7351,050.45 km 2 1.071892%0.589800%
Clarence-Rockland24,512297.71 km 2 1.235450%Not Available
King24,512333.25 km 2 0.825919%0.548300%
East Gwillimbury23,991245.04 km 2 0.796398%0.526300%
Brockville21,85420.90 km 2 1.487774%Not Available
Scugog21,617474.65 km 2 1.081720%0.625300%
Owen Sound21,34124.27 km 2 0.017125%0.861800%
Uxbridge21,176420.65 km 2 1.043369%0.650900%
Thorold18,80182.99 km 2 1.438727%0.733200%
Port Colborne18,306121.96 km 2 1.672842%0.735700%
Kenora15,096211.59 km 2 1.372057%Not Available
Pembroke13,88214.35 km 2 1.611333%Not Available
Brock11,642423.73 km 2 1.227319%0.676600%
Elliot Lake10,741714.65 km 2 1.918737%Not Available
Dryden7,74966.19 km 2 1.744049%Not Available
This calculator is provided for general information purposes only. This calculation may not include any special charges, levies or fees. Results are approximations only. For official and the most up-to-date information, please see your property tax bill or contact the relevant taxation authority of your region.