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Estevan Property Tax Calculator 2023

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Estevan Municipality Flag

The City of Estevan is located in the Rural Municipality of Estevan and is home to over 10K residents. The population of Estevan decreased by 5.5% from 2016 to 2021. The home prices in Estevan declined by 3.9% from August 2022 to August 2023 to a benchmark price of $210K. Estevan's real estate market consists of a range of property types, including single-family detached houses, condominiums, and vacant land. Based on data from the Saskatchewan Realtors Association, real estate inventory in Estevan fell by 11% from August 2022 to August 2023, and new listings in Estevan decreased by 44% in the same period. The benchmark price of a single-family detached house in Estevan in August 2023 was $199K, while the benchmark price of apartments was $305K.

Estevan property tax is based on the assessed value of your home. Every four years, Estevan assess properties based on guidelines set by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA),and the year on which the assessments are determined is called the “base date.”

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You can calculate your property tax using either your home's assessed value or your home's most recent market price. Just enter the price and type of your property, and we will give you an instant property tax estimate.

I know my home’s SAMA Assessment value

I Don't Know My Home's Assessed Value

SAMA Assessment Value of the Property
2023 Property Tax Value
2023 Residential Property Tax Rate
1.527000 %
Property Tax in Saskatchewan is Taxable Assessment x Local Mill Rate(s) + Minimum or Base Tax

2023 Tax rates for Cities Near Estevan

City Final Tax Rate
Weyburn0.868192 %
Regina1.457651 %
Moose Jaw1.354730 %
Yorkton1.200507 %

Estevan Property Taxes

Property tax is a tax based on the assessed value of a property. If you own a property or parcel of land, you will have to pay property tax. It is used to pay for city services such as police, the fire department, and public transit as well as elementary and secondary education.

There are two main parts to a property tax:

  • A municipal tax that depends on the municipality of the property
  • An education tax that may change from municipality to municipality

Some cities may add additional taxes.

Residential Property Tax Rate for Estevan from 2018 to 2023
YearMunicipal RateEducational RateFinal Tax Rate
2019Not Available0.412000%Not Available
2018Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Based on of Estevan official website: check source

Estevan Property Tax Department Information

For any questions or inquiries about your property tax rate or property tax bill, you can reach out to the city of Estevan's property tax department through the following methods:

Phone number

General (within municipality limits): 311

General (outside municipality limits): 306-634-1800

Property Tax Department: 306-634-1800

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Estevan at a Glance
Settled Year1892
Established Year1899
Incorporated Year 1906
Population 10,851
City Area9.12 km 2 (3.52 sq mi)
Official WebsiteEstevan Official Website

Property Taxes in Saskatchewan for a $500K Saskatchewan Assessed Value Home*

Assessed Value of a Property

The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) revalues property every four years, and the year on which the assessments are determined is called the “base date.” SAMA uses a system that calculates the value based on long-term values and avoids taking into account short-term market fluctuations, and thus their assessment may be different from the market prices which are immediate and based on fluctuating market conditions.

Property Taxes in Saskatchewan for a $500K Fair Market Value Detached Home*

How We Calculate Your Property Tax

If you entered your home's Provinical Assessment value, we calculate your property tax by multiplying your Assessment value by Estevan's final property tax rate.
Estevan Property Tax vs Asking Price
This calculator is provided for general information purposes only. This calculation may not include any special charges, levies or fees. Results are approximations only. For official and the most up-to-date information, please see your porerty tax bill or contact the relevant taxation authority of your region.