Credit Unions in Manitoba

This Page's Content Was Last Updated: December 23, 2022
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Largest Credit Unions in Manitoba
(More than 50,000 members)

Steinbach Credit Union

SCU is the largest credit union in Manitoba and the eighth largest in Canada. SCU was founded in 1941 and has never merged or acquired other credit unions.

  • Services: Everyday Banking, Mortgages, Loans, Investments, Insurance, Business Services
  • Branches: 3
  • Members: 110,009
  • Assets: $9,543,311,903
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1-Year Fixed5.90%
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2-Year Fixed5.70%
/static/img/logos/CreditUnion/Steinbach.webp logo
3-Year Fixed5.30%
/static/img/logos/CreditUnion/Steinbach.webp logo
4-Year Fixed5.15%
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5-Year Fixed4.80%
* Rates are for informational purposes only and reflect the lowest rates available. Rates may change at anytime and may be applicable only to certain borrowers. Terms and conditions apply.
Access Credit Union

Access became Manitoba's largest credit union after merging with Noventis Credit Union and Sunova Credit Union, Carpathia Credit Union and Casera Credit Union in 2022 and 2023. Access Credit Union is a Canadian credit union formed by multiple smaller southern Manitoba credit unions mergers.

  • Services: Everyday Banking, Mortgages, Loans, Investments, Insurance, Business Services
  • Branches: 58
  • Members: 205,021
  • Assets: $12,382,022,182
  • Mortgage Rate Page
Assiniboine Credit Union

ACU was initially developed for employees of the Winnipeg Electric Company. Today, it's open to the general public of Manitoba. Assiniboine was formed in 1943 by electric company employees. It is named after the street it was founded on. Entegra Credit Union merged into ACU on January 1, 2022.

  • Services: Everyday Banking, Mortgages, Loans, Investments, Insurance
  • Branches: 18
  • Members: 144,015
  • Assets: $6,067,731,381
  • Mortgage Rate Page
Cambrian Credit Union

Cambrian Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions serving the Winnipeg and Selkirk regions. Since 1959, Cambrian has grown partly through mergers with other credit unions to become one of Manitoba's largest credit unions.

  • Services: Everyday Banking, Mortgages, Loans, Investments
  • Branches: 11
  • Members: 69,621
  • Assets: $4,802,865,247
  • Mortgage Rate Page

Other Credit Unions in Manitoba

NameBranch, Members & AUM
Westoba Credit Union
14 Branches, 42,673 Members and $1,553,337,072 Assets
Sunrise Credit Union
19 Branches, 34,393 Members and $1,909,026,979 Assets
Fusion Credit Union
18 Branches, 29,863 Members and $1,511,546,389 Assets
Stride Credit Union
5 Branches, 19,677 Members and $1,003,392,608 Assets
Rosenort Credit Union
3 Branches, 7,045 Members and $703,764,622 Assets
Niverville Credit Union
3 Branches, 9,847 Members and $518,102,495 Assets
Swan Valley Credit Union
2 Branches, 7,010 Members and $347,009,063 Assets
Belgian Alliance Credit Union
3 Branches, 5,000 Members and $230,644,097 Assets
Compass Credit Union
3 Branches and $221,917,252 Assets
Winnipeg Police Credit Union
2 Branches and $211,681,119 Assets
Median Credit Union
1 Branch, 3,725 Members and $118,585,482 Assets
Caisse Financial Group
19 Branches, 34,645 Members and $2,042,708,094 Assets
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