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  • Property managers with the Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation have completed requirements set by the Institute of Real Estate Management and are qualified to manage real estate on behalf of owners.
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What is a Certified Property Manager?

CPM (Certified Property Manager) is a globally recognised designation awarded to experts in the field of property management by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) after they have completed the requirements of the certificate.

A Certified Property Manager takes care of responsibilities such as rent collection and deposit, property maintenance, showing and leasing vacant units, and budget keeping while ensuring that landlord-tenant rules and regulations are being followed. Owners who invest in multiple properties or live in a different city usually hire property managers to manage their real estate.

To be designated as a Certified Property Manager, a property manager who is able to demonstrate a satisfactory level of real world experience should enroll as a CPM candidate with the IREM and undertake 8 courses over a time period of 12-18 months. After completing all the courses the candidate needs to pass a two part final assessment and complete graduation requirements to finally be approved as a CPM.

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