First Time Home Buyer Incentives in Manitoba 2021

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Manitoba First-Time Home Buyer Incentive

Louis Riel Capital Corporation helps Metis citizens in Manitoba purchase their first home by providing a 5% down payment, up to $15,000, and an additional 1.5% of the home purchase price, up to $2,500.

To qualify, you must be Metis and have resided in Manitoba for at least six months. You must not have ever owned a home, or owned land with a market value of more than $7,500. Your household income must also be less than $90,000. The program covers both newly constructed homes and existing resale homes.

Manitoba Rural Homeownership Program

The Government of Manitoba’s Rural Homeownership Program helps first-time home buyers purchase a home in select rural areas of the province. The program provides down payment assistance, land transfer tax rebates, and grants.

The program offers two types of down payment loan assistance. If you choose to receive funds to cover 10% of your down payment, the down payment loan will be forgiven in full after five years. If you choose to receive funds to cover 15% of your down payment, the loan will be forgiven after 15 years of home ownership. You can receive both loans for a total of 25% of your home purchase price.

The program also fully covers any land transfer taxes and fees, and also gives a one-time non-repayable grant of $1,500 to cover costs such as legal fees, utility hook-up, and moving costs.

To qualify, you must not currently own a home. Your household income must not be more than $56,694, or $75,592 with children. The home you purchase must be your principal residence.

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