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What Are Real Estate Commissions?

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In Manitoba, real estate commission rates are typically between 4-5% of the sale price of the property. This is the combined real estate commission for both the buyer and seller agents. Approximately 90% of real estate agents in Manitoba split the commission 50/50 or half-and-half between the buyer and seller agent. This means that if the total commission rate is 5%, then 2.5% will be paid to the buyer agent and 2.5% will be paid to the seller agent (also known as a listing agent).

Manitoba Real Estate Commission

You will pay around...
Buying Agent Commission
Selling Agent Commission
5% GST
The seller of the property will pay for both buying and selling agents' commission. For example, if the seller agent commission is 2.5% and the buyer agent commission is 2.5%, you will pay a total commission of 5%.

What is the Average Real Estate Commission Rate?

$750,000 Property Selling Price Example

You Receive
Buyer+Seller Agent Commission
PST on Commission

The above chart demonstrates the following: 5% commission on the selling price and a 5% tax that is applied to the total commission. The remaing values is what you receive.

Typical Real Estate Agent Commissions in Manitoba

Property Sale PriceLess than $120K or farmlandBetween $120K and $400KGreater than $400K
Total Real Estate CommissionUsually 6%. Can be 5%.4% to 5%Usually 4%. Can be 5%.

In suburban and rural areas where home prices are lower, real estate agents can charge up to 6% commission. The lower prices mean that real estate agents have to charge a higher percentage in order to be paid similarly to places with higher home prices. For the buying and selling of farmland in Manitoba, the total commission could also be as high as 6% as the sales on these properties typically take longer (up to 6 months) to close. Finally, commissions are usually higher for foreign buyers.

Real Estate Commission in Winnipeg

The total real estate commission rate in Winnipeg usually ranges between 4% to 5%. In very few cases, agents can charge up to 6% of the property’s price.

Comparison of Real Estate Commission Across Provinces

ProvinceTypical Real Estate Commmission RateAverage Sold Prices of Homes in September 2020Average Total commission Paid to Both Agents
Alberta7% for 1st $100K and 3% for the remaining balance$403,163$16,095
Ontario5% of total price$741,395$37,070
B.C. (Greater Vancouver Area) 7% for 1st $100K and 2.5% for the remaining balance$801,039$24,526
Saskatchewan 6% for 1st $100K, 4% for the 2nd $100K, and 2% for the remaining balance$403,163$16,095
Manitoba 5% of the total price$308,689$15,434
Quebec 5% of the total price$477,609$23,880
Nova Scotia $1,500 flat fee for properties under $25,000, and 5% of the total price for other properties$319,726$15,986
New Brunswick 5% of the total price$203,907$10,195
Prince Edward Island 5% of the total price$300,538$15,778
Newfoundland and Labrador 5% of the total price$249,368$13,091
Housing market data was retrieved from the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Ontario and British Columbia have some of the highest housing prices, which results in higher average total real estate commissions. Although British Columbia’s real estate commission rates are one of the lowest in the country, homeowners ultimately end up paying a comparatively higher real estate commission due to the higher average selling price of homes.

Low Commission Real Estate Agents in Manitoba

In Manitoba, some brokerages such as 3 Percent Realty offer as low as a 3% real estate commission. Unlike other provinces, there are very few real estate agents in Manitoba that offer flat-fee services.

While the majority of real estate agents charge the standard 4-5% commission, you can often get a lower rate by finding a local real estate agent and contacting them about their commission rates. All real estate agent commissions are negotiable and the contract is signed based on the rate that you and your agent agree on. The Manitoba Real Estate Association follows the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) Pledge of Competitionthat states that each real estate agent has the flexibility to set their commission rates based on the services they provide to their clients.

Historical Real Estate Commission Rates in Manitoba

Historically, when real estate prices were lower in Manitoba, real estate agents charged up to 7% total commission. Because the selling prices of the homes were lower, real estate agents charged a higher percentage to earn enough to make a living. As the real estate prices in Manitoba increased over time, the real estate commission percentage rate decreased as agents were able to earn a living with a lower percentage rate.

Closing Costs and Costs of Selling a House

In addition to the real estate agent commission, the cost of selling a housee includes legal and lawyer fees, and sales taxes on the real estate agent commission. In Manitoba, real estate commissions are exempt from the Manitoba provincial RST (Retail Sales Tax), so you are only required to pay the federal GST of 5%. If you are a buyer, you should consider the closing costs, which include land transfer taxes, property inspection fees, and lawyer fees. The closing costs can amount to approximately 3-4% of your property’s purchase price.

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