Alberta Income Tax Calculator 2020 & 2021.


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Estimate your 2020 & 2021 total income taxes with only a few details about your income

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Total Income
$ 50,000
Total Tax
$ 11,890.58
Income Tax
$ 8,659.33
EI Premiums
$ 790
CPP ContributionQPP Contribution
$ 2,441.25
After Tax Income
$ 38,109.43
Average Tax Rate
Marginal Tax Rate
Canada Federal and Alberta tax brackets 2020
Your taxable income places you in the following tax brackets.
Federal tax bracketFederal tax rates
Less than $13,229 0%
$13,230 to $48,53515%
$48,536 to $97,06920.5%
$97,070 to $150,47326%
$150,474 to $214,36829%
More than $214,369 33%
Alberta tax bracketAlberta tax rates
Less than $19,369 0%
$19,370 to $131,22010%
$131,221 to $157,46412%
$157,465 to $209,95213%
$209,953 to $314,92814%
More than $314,929 15%

Alberta Income Tax Brackets

Tax brackets in Alberta are not indexed, and so income thresholds and personal amounts have not increased since indexing was discontinued in 2019.

The basic personal amount in Alberta for 2021 is $19,369. You may also claim another $19,369 personal amount if you are supporting a spouse, common-law partner, or eligible dependent. If they have an income greater than $19,369, then you cannot claim this amount.

Alberta Personal Amounts 2021

Basic Personal Amount$19,369
Spouse or Common-Law Partner$19,369
Eligible Dependant$19,369

Alberta Child and Family Benefit

The Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit (AFETC) and the Alberta Child Benefit (ACB) was replaced by the Alberta Child and Family Benefit (ACFB) starting July 1, 2020.

The new Alberta Child and Family Benefit starts July 2020. The benefit is tax-free and is paid to families with children under 18.

Alberta Child and Family Benefit 2021

Base ComponentWorking Component
First Child$1,330$681
Second Child$655$620
Third Child$655$371
Fourth Child$655$123

You will receive the full base component amount if your family income is less than $24,467. If your family income is more than $24,467, you will receive a reduced amount. The benefit will be reduced by approximately 0.8% of your income above the $24,467 threshold. The ACFB base component is available to families with or without employment income.

In order to receive the working component benefit, your family must have an income of more than $2,760. The amount of the working component is 15% of employment income over $2,760, up until the maximum benefit amount. The working component benefit is reduced if your family income is more than $41,000, but approximately 0.8% of your income above the $41,000 threshold.

While all families are eligible for the base component whether they have employment income or not, only families with employment income are eligible for the working component. This encourages families to stay in the workforce, as they can then claim both the base and working components of the benefit.

The ACFB is paid in August, November, February, and May. ACFB is not part of the Canada Child Benefits (CCB).

Monthly Alberta Child and Family Benefit 2021

Monthly Base ComponentMonthly Working Component
First Child$110.83$56.75
Second Child$55.41$51.66
Third Child$55.41$30.91
Fourth Child$55.41$10.25

Source: Canada Revenue Agency