Portrait of Alex from Mortgauge

Hi! I’m Alex.

I’m the CEO of Mortgauge, a new data-driven platform to help you get the best mortgages. We have access to over 20 different lenders and will negotiate on your behalf with all of them to get the lowest rate. With my accreditation as a CFA charterholder and over 8 years of professional experience in the banking and real estate industry, you can trust me to find the best mortgage for you and your budget.

We’re partnering with WOWA to get you the best rates possible. Want in? Message me today and we’ll get you started.

How Low are Our Rates?

Our rates are updated daily to take full advantage of new offers by one of our 20 lenders. Here’s a sample of our rates for today, compared to some of the leading banks in Canada:

5-Year Fixed
5-Year Fixed
5-Year Fixed
5-Year Fixed
5-Year Variable
5-Year Variable
5-Year Variable

Saving up for a larger down payment? Here’s the best rates you can get:

Down Payment
5-20%20-25%25-30%30-35%35% or more5-20%20-30%>30%