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Howard S.

Sales Representative at JDF Realty
10 Years of Experience
About Howard S.
I have been formally licensed to practice Real Estate since 2010. With my interests and experience in Management within diverse sectors including Logistics of Pre and Post Development, followed by hands on Operations, Sales/Leasing, Property Management of both Residential & Commercial portfolios, combined with decades of actual business experience within various economic cycles, I measure clients interests and goals, with a high rate of accuracy and success that my references will attest to.
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Since December 2017
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personCareer Q&A

In your opinion, what is the key to being a great real estate agent?

I choose not define “great” as it is subjective but an effective realtor is someone who can clearly define your objectives and can support through real economic metrics, a sound strategy to achieve the clients goal. An agent has to be able to tell a client what they need to hear, not what they think the client is expecting to hear. The difference is in the experience of the process itself and end result.

What sets you apart from other real estate agents?

Decades of real business cycle experience in Ontario with a greater understanding of real market influences and economies within economies.

As a seller’s agent, what services do you provide at no extra cost?

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    Home Staging
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    Professional Photography
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    Depends on the package you choose
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    Open Houses
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    Internet Marketing (besides MLS)
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    Home Inspections
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    Home Appraisal
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    Renovation Assistance

personPersonal Questions

If you win a $10M lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

Invest in both local and international real estate while putting enough money aside to create a Trust Fund to assist new prospective realtors or people changing careers wanting to enter into real estate sales that have some special requirements and or extenuating circumstances.

If you wanted to study a new major/field right now, what would you study?

Algorithm - Mathematics / Computer Science / Language
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